Friday, April 25, 2008

Muddy And Me: Two Degrees Of Separation?

I know I'm lucky to have my friend Stevie Doyle (lower left corner of the photo) playing guitar with us on our gig tomorrow night. I was reminded yesterday just how lucky I am when I saw an ad for a gig Stevie is doing next weekend.

He'll be plugging in next Sunday night (May 4) with a couple of Muddy Waters' old bandmates -- drummer Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and guitarist John Primer -- as well as with Chicago blues greats Carl Weathersby and Jimmy Burns (all pictured with Stevie in the photo above).

It's nice to have talented friends like Mr. Doyle, who will occasionally slum with us music-making lawyers. Of course, Stevie is probably just hedging his bets, figuring that if he's ever named a defendant in a securities-fraud suit or a point-shaving prosecution, he'll need someone to answer his phone calls.

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Rob said...

That Stevie sure can play. A pleasure to hear him nail so many styles one after the other, seemingly effortlessly.