Friday, April 18, 2008

A Household Name, But Only In The Gnahore´ Household

I was excited to hear that Dobet Gnahore´-- an amazing singer/dancer/percussionist from the Ivory Coast -- will hit Chicago on Sunday, July 13, as part of the Chicago Folk & Roots Festival, which takes place every summer in lovely Welles Park.

My friend (and fellow music geek) Tom Morrissey hipped me to Ms. Gnahore´ and her music last year, and I was smart enough to heed Tom's recommendation and spring for some concert tickets.

I even insisted that my teenage daughter attend the September 2007 show with me, because I was anticipating it would be something special.

It was.

My daughter, at this stage in her life, has little interest in acknowledging that she enjoys any music that I like, but even she was blown away by this show. Her quote, upon leaving the theater: "You see a show like that, and you wonder how Britney Spears can be famous."

Later that week, my friend Steve Hochman, a California-based music writer, was trusting enough to heed my recommendation to check out Dobet's show. He, too, was impressed. Check out Steve's review of the Santa Monica show -- he describes the music a lot better than I ever could.

Block out July 13 right now, and you'll be in for a treat.

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