Friday, September 4, 2009

Bear Down

To kick off what I hope will be a Super Bowl season for the Chicago Bears, I'm posting a video for "Another Super Bowl Shuffle (Chapter Two)." I co-wrote and recorded this song a few years ago with my buddies The Hoyle Brothers, but I never bothered to make a video for it.

We had a lot of fun with this song during the Bears' 2006-07 season, performing the tune live on WGN-TV, as well as on The Eric & Kathy Show, which is a morning radio powerhouse here in Chicago. We even managed to get some airplay on 50,000 watt giants like WGN-AM 720 and WLS-AM 890. All cool stuff for a lawyer like me.

In any event, here's the video:

Bear Down.


Rob said...

Matt, is Lance Helgesen related to Jeff H. from Urbana/Champaign?

Matt Farmer said...

No relation -- different spelling, too.