Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blue State Bliss (Part Two)

The Blue State boys had a lot of fun playing in the battleground state of Ohio last Saturday night. Several members of my geographically-challenged band (based out of St. Louis and Chicago) flew into Cleveland one day early. As a result they were able to hit some local attractions -- e.g., an Indians game, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Flats, etc.

To ensure that we had guitars, amps and drums at the event, a couple of us loaded up the family truckster and drove from Chicago to Cleveland on Saturday morning. It made for a long day, but we managed -- despite some rainstorms right out of the Old Testament -- to make it to the gig in time for a mid-afternoon soundcheck.

It was undoubtedly the first time that any of us had played a show in an old red barn, but the guys and I gave it our barn-dance best. We even came away with a bit of rough video footage.

Thanks again to the bride and groom for having us out. We were honored to be a part of your special day.

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